Shock & Snag Leader Knots - By Dirk Wise


When using Shock and Snag leaders, are you connecting them to your main line in a Strong and Safe way ?

Shock and Snag leaders are a great help to us, however they should always be set up and connected to ensure that they do not injure or kill, Ourselves, other Anglers or the Fish we are trying so hard to Catch.

Shock Leaders.

Shock leaders were first used by Sea Anglers and adopted to Carp fishing by the first Anglers to start to fish for Carp at distance, they consist of a heavier breaking strain Monofilament line usually between 18- 25 lb and enable us to launch heavy weights long distances with the aid of large test curve rods which could not be compressed with normal main line.

There are many knots that may be used to join 2 lines together here below are the 5 most common, starting with my all time favourite the " Mahin knot " this knot may seem complicated to tie but believe me after a bit of practice you will have it off to a tee, when this knot is tied properly you will have a very strong conned shaped knot that will glide through your rod rings with great ease. I would suggest you try them all however and see which one suits you and your type of fishing. Which ever knot you choose you should always make sure that all the components below the knot can slide easily over the knot in the case of a break.

Snag Leaders.

Snag leaders as the name suggests are made of Abrasive resistant materials such as braided lines, they are used when fishing areas were the main line is likely to snap or be cut through due to an underwater obstacle such as a sunken tree, a gravel bar or a mussel bed. They are also attached in the same way as the Shock Leaders.


The Mahin Knot

1. Make a loop in the leader.

2. Pass the main line through the loop.

3. Whip the main line 10 times down the leader.

4. Now back down towards the loop 6 times.

5. Pass the tag end back though the loop, wet with spit and pull up tight then snip off the tag ends leaving about 1cm.

Try to keep the coils of the whipping as close and tight together as possible so that when you tighten up there is as little line movement as possible.

The Barrel Knot


The Blood Knot


The Uni Knot


Albright special knot

1. Fold the leader back on itself about10 cms.

2. Pass the mainline down the leader and whip back up 7 times.

3.Now through the bend of the leader .

4. Wet with spit, pull tight and snip off the tag ends about 1cm from the knot.

I also like to use this one for joining 2 different types of hooklenth materials.


Shockleader Knot

1.Make an overhand knot in your mainline or leader (whichever you prefer).

2.Pass your leader/line through it and tie a four turn grinner.

3. Wet the whole thing and slowly pull it all together until it's all tight and secure.

This one is very simple very small and very secure, Doughnut's favourite..!!