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The standard/basic Hair Rig

This is a typical version of the basic hair rig which has been tied using the knotless knot, this rig can be made up with any combination of materials that take your fancy...all the different materials work and are all worth trying - a very versatile rig that can be used with almost any bait!



Hinged & Combi Rigs - Ideal for popped up baits of all kinds

An excellent rig mainly for use with popped up baits but as most rigs can be used for bottom baits, again this rig can be made up using any materials that you wish to try, the top hinged rig has been set up with a D-Rig arrangment on the hook and the bottom rig has been set up using a standard knotless-knot. Terry Hearn uses a version which uses stiff hook links for both the boom & pop-up section, often called The Terry Hearn Stiff Rig this rig has been used to catch many of the countries largest carp......



The Withy Pool Rig - Pop-Ups and bottom baits

A great rig developed to nail the crafty carp of Withy Pool, it looks very odd and some say there's no way it will work but it does, very well....Use materials of your choice but the rig pictured above was made using Armaled Kik-Bak, a size 4 Fox series 1 hook and some standard shrink tubing. Although meant for use with popups this will also work, as most rigs will with bottom baits, use a hair instead of a ring for bottom baits as this'll make it sit on the bottom better....a rig well worth trying when the going gets tough!


For advice on knots to use when tying these rigs go to our Know your Knots Section

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