Carp Rigs Up Close - Part 1 (Bait Mounting)


A  close up guide to mounting baits using the most common variations of the hair rig - hopefully this will be very useful for the beginner or for those that buy ready made and are yet to make their own, please remember that all of these bait mountings can be tweaked in various ways and can be use with all manner of baits...... all of these arrangements can be changed as you see fit, longer hairs, shorter hairs, more turns on the shank, less turns on the shank and so on..!!

For effective hooking it's generally accepted that the hooklink should leave the eye of the hook facing inwards (the barb side of the hook) as shown in all the photos and should not leave the eye facing outwards or away from the back of the hook......Also make sure that when tying a knotless-knot you don't start whipping your line around the hook towards the closed gap on the eye of the hook but start whipping away from the gap, if you get this wrong and are using a more delicate hooklink such as a fluorocarbon the hooklink may become weakened and snap when under pressure due to it being pulled tight against the joint (closed gap) of the hooks eye.


The Standard Knotless-Knot Hair Rig

The most popular and the easiest to tie, definitely the rig to begin with and certainly a rig that can be used on almost any water with some success.... also well worth using on waters where everyone is on the more complicated rigs, a simple rig can make all the difference and this one is used by many a top angler for much of their fishing.


The Blow-Back Rig

This rig goes by many names and has several different forms, but the main mechanics of the hook are that the bait blows back when the fish and tries to eject the bait which leaves the hook exposed for much better hooking.... in this instance (Butterfly mounting) the bait is split in two and then mounted back to back, this can sometime fool the wariest of carp that are used to seeing whole and round baits.


The Standard Blow-Back Rig

Identical to the rig above but this time with a standard whole boilie on the hair.


The D-Rig

A very effective and well proven carp catcher this one, not only can the bait move backwards as the carp tries to sucks in and/or tries to eject the bait but the bait can also move side to side, all this makes for a great anti-eject rig.


The Stiff Rig

Another excellent rig this which is well worth thinking about on waters there the majority of angler fish with either braids or coated braids, the stiffness of the rig makes the bait very difficult to eject, excellent for bottom or pop-up baits.


As a final note; remember that the hair rig and the knotless-knot are not the be-all and end-all of carp fishing, most baits including boilies can be side hooked and can be as effective as the hair rig and perhaps more so in some situations.... good luck whichever method you choose to mount your bait..!!

For advice on knots to use when tying these rigs go to our Know your Knots Section

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