I`m off to the local lake for a day session tomorrow.
Not ideal conditions by any means, with it being hot and sunny with high pressure, but I`m still looking forward to it.

Me too for the weekend, I'm dreading the heat but if I can get in a certain shady swim then I'll be happy smile
I`m going back to Picardy on Sunday night for ten days, and will be fishing three different lakes, two of which I haven`t fished for quite some time. Let`s hope that they`re still as good as they used to be.

Sounds good Steve and you're probably better off out of the country seeing as so many lakes are affected by spawning, hope you have a good trip smile
Unfortunately they spawn in France too Robin lol.

Yea but there is hope of them not spawning at the same tim as the fish here so fingers crossed for you..
A bit of a disaster. I broke down half-way down the M1 and never made it to France. I finally got back home at 4 o`clock in the morning, very stressed and not happy.
The car should be repaired on Wednesday all being well, so I`ll try again at the end of the week.

Bummer that Steve, I guess you do a fair few miles with your regular trups to France so I guess it was a sooner or later thing, hope you get it sorted in time..!!
The car`s all sorted now so I`ll head off to France again tonight. Hopefully I`ll make it this time.

Big hauling with a bit of luck then thumbsUp
Anyone been out on the bank?
I know it has hardly been ideal conditions, but Thursday looks to be a bit cooler, so I`ll probably try a day session at the local lake.
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Anyone been out on the bank
Yes bigsmile
After all that hot sunny weather, the light drizzle and cooler windy conditions that we had today were just what the doctor ordered. Unfortunately I just haven`t got the time to get down the local lake, before I head off to Picardie again this weekend. It`s just a short three day trip this time, so hopefully the weather will still be the same when I get back.