Gravel Pit Carp - by Jim Gibbinson, Reviewed By Steve Noctor


Gravel Pit Carp by Jim Gibbinson

I've waited a long time for a book like this to be published. It would seem that the majority of books published on the subject of carp fishing are aimed at the session angler. This book is different and is written with the day angler in mind but the contents will also suit the session man and get him thinking about what he might be missing out on during the long waiting periods spent in the bivvy.

Gravel Pit Carp is a well written technical book that covers every aspect of Jim's modern day pursuit of carp in his favourite type of water. Along with the text there are many line drawings and photographs which help to illustrate the points being made and a chapter of actual fishing sessions to show that his tactics work in various situations on a variety of waters. It's not just a technical book though and Jim states his views on some of the more controversial parts of the sport as well as taking a look at the humorous side that had me laughing out loud at times.

I would recommend this book as a must read whether you fish short sessions of a few hours or you go for weeks at a time.

Cheers, Noc.



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