Carp and the Carp Angler, by George Sharman- Reviewed By John Lea

Carp and the Carp Angler by George Sharman

Although originally written in 1980, this book is probably still the most useful book ever written about carp, for the benefit of carp anglers.

It is still the most informative book on the subject of fishing in weed - a problem for so many of us - to the extent that it can turn your problem around to being a positive benefit!
Other sections include:- bubbling carp; bites and feeding patterns; winter carp fishing; birth, growth longevity and death; food supplies and sense organs; tackle, nylon lines, hooks (perhaps a little dated in some respects because of modern tackle improvement); and a section explaining the "bait syndrome".
The book also includes an account, written by Chris Yates, of an epic 2 hour battle with a Redmire carp.
Not only is this book a brilliantly fascinating read, I believe it will put more fish on the bank for most anglers who read it.


Although out of print, copies of the book which was reprinted several times, are usually available on ebay or amazon at about 20 (or less if you are lucky) at the time of writing this.


John Lea

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